Zeira Society

We are Zeira,

Our goal is to offer a new model for human society, inspired by the delicate, highly developed social organization of honey bee colonies,

Human society is on the verge of collapse. As Mother Earth's valuable resources are being depleted, society is harshening. War and social unrest take over, as our planet is being covered in toxic waste. Individual prosperity and personal gain are the only worthy values in the views of those that rule society.

We believe a different way of living together should be pursued. A way of living in which collective care and symbiosis with Nature will guide our work and life.

Looking at Nature, we can find wondrous and infinite wisdom reflected in the many processes she reveals through her manifestations. Time and again she has inspired us and taught us how to proceed in our human development. Yet we believe we have overlooked one of the most fundamental teachers in nature for human society: the honey bee.

The honey bee has the most marvellous and highly developed social organization found in Nature. No other species is so well developed, both socially, and in harmony with its surroundings. Therefore what other expression of Nature could show us better how we can form society, and change our course in history, than the wonderful and delicate honey bee?

We believe that through the infinite wisdom of the honey bee society, and through fundamental knowledge of our own Being revealed to us by refined modern scientific research, we can become one again with Mother Nature.

Join us.

Together, We are Zeira.

Zeira – Transcend Society

Get in contact through mail@zeira.eu for more information.